Available Now… LEONTARI: A POLEMIC ROMANCE, by A.M. Brosius

Imagine yourself in a world where the Fourth Crusade and sack of Constantinople led to a revolution in what we now call mainland Greece. The society that arose out of that revolt is unlike any other in Europe: pagan, libertine, consciously inter-dependent yet insisting on individual rights, the people of the Hellenic Commonwealth and Polity are a self-made experiment in self-governance.

Here you will meet, among others: Master Xenos, a great swordsman who teaches at the Red Warrior Skolo, a school like no other; his assistant, Spathos Nikos; and their newest student, Eleni Vlaportini, who has come to Athens to learn the way of the sword. A Romance in the original sense of the word: a story about errantry and swordplay. An adventure set in the 13th Century: love, sex and the way of the sword; and the coming of age of the greatest swordswoman in the Hellenic Commonwealth.

Leontari: A Polemic Romance by A.M. Brosius – available now



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2 responses to “Available Now… LEONTARI: A POLEMIC ROMANCE, by A.M. Brosius

  1. Karl Kokensparger

    Thank you, Mr. St. Clair. I tried to put this information up myself, but the combination of my 6-year-old pismo and my technical incompetence completely thwarted me.

  2. Karl Kokensparger

    BTW, the book is also available on the Itunes site, where it is classified as ‘erotica’.

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