Lee Darling releases new novel JUST OUT OF REACH

About the book

Just Out of Reach by Lee Darling

JUST OUT OF REACH has been independently published by author Lee Darling

After a painful divorce, Jessie Lochwood retreats to her hometown on the Oregon Coast. Her plans for a week of quiet reflection are blown apart when she finds a leather jacket on a lonely beach.

A letter in the pocket swirls her into her past and into a dangerous search for the missing brother of a childhood chum. A recovering alcoholic, Jessie comes face-to-face with ghosts from her past as she pursues a violent, abusive man and the woman he controls.

About the author

Lee Darling has lived in Oregon since 1961. She has received awards for non-fiction essays and for poetry. Her personal essays have been published in the Write On! column of The Register-Guard. JUST OUT OF REACH is her first novel. More information at Lee’s blog, Scattered Bumps.

Available now

JUST OUT OF REACH is available at:


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