July 16: Pitch Party!

Craft your perfect pitch

Come with ideas, leave with an agent-ready pitch!

JoJo Jensen of Chapter and Voice (www.chapterandvoice.com) helps you craft your perfect pitch at our July 16 Pitch Party

JoJo Jensen of Chapter and Voice (www.chapterandvoice.com) helps you craft your perfect pitch at our July 16 Pitch Party

Are you getting ready to pitch an agent or editor, but aren’t sure your pitch is just right? Are you pitching at a conference, such as the Willamette Writers Conference, but don’t know if you have what it takes to wow that agent?

Come to our Pitch Party! Join JoJo Jensen on July 16 to learn how to craft the perfect pitch. Whether you’re pitching at a conference or sending pitches and queries to editors and agents, you’ll be ready to pitch anyone, anywhere, anytime!

What you’ll learn

  • How pitching supports your author platform
  • How writing and practicing your pitch helps you refine your story and get to know your story
  • The elements of a winning pitch
  • How to craft winning pitches for written/emailed pitches
  • Content and presentation techniques for writer-to-agent pitching — great for writers pitching at the August Willamette Writers Conference!

What we’ll do

By the end of the Pitch Party workshop, you will know how to construct a 1-line and 3-line pitch, and you will have completed one of each.

Workshop format

  • What makes a strong pitch  What makes a good pitch good? What makes a bad pitch bad? Handouts provided.
  • How to write a 1-line and 3-line pitch: Bring your pitch idea, and write or refine your book’s 1-line and 3-line pitches.
  • What you can use those pitches for: How you can put your pitches to work in your platform, marketing, and when approaching agents and editors
  • Perfect pitch: After revision, we’ll read the finished pitches aloud and have a final discussion. You’ll finish our Pitch Party with completed 1-line and 3-line pitches that are ready to work!

See you at the Pitch Party!

  • When: Sat., July 16, 2011, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Where: Community Room, Market of Choice, 67 West 29th Ave., Eugene, OR 97405. Phone: 541.338.8455 (Find it on Google Maps)
  • Cost: $30 (please make checks payable to Willamette Writers)
  • Light snacks and refreshments provided
  • Handouts and materials provided
  • Bring pen and paper, and/or laptop

Please email us to let us know you’re coming: midvalleyww@gmail.com



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4 responses to “July 16: Pitch Party!

  1. Patty Jacobs

    Is the Pitch party appropriate for my already published book,
    My Balancing Act, Adapting to Multiple Sclerosis and Recapturing a Joyful Life? The memoir was self-published by Lulu last November.

  2. Yes, it is appropriate for your published book. Having your 1-line and 3-line pitches can also help you with marketing your book.

  3. Wayne

    I called Market of Choice and tried to sign up. They told me the event had been cancelled. Then they seemed to be confused. In any case, I was unable to sign up. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Wayne

  4. Wayne, all is ok. We checked and clarified a couple of details. Event hasn’t been canceled, and we are good to go. Drop me a line at midvalleyww@yahoo.com to let us know you’re coming. See you Saturday!

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